Navoi Wellness Gardens

Open air relax in front of the Palagroup

The days are getting longer and the sun with its warm rays warms the heart: spring has arrived, the best time to start spending regenerating days outdoors and stock up on good mood and positive energy after the long winter months! Mens sana in corpore sano said the ancients, who had already understood that for the attainment of all-round well-being it was necessary to take care of the body but also and above all the mind! It was precisely this principle that inspired the creation of the Navoi Wellness Garden, an 'open-air' wellness oasis with Acqua therapy, Kneipp path, flower beds and multi-sensory passages, in harmony with the spectacular surrounding environment, dominated by the unmistakable profile of the Pale di San Martino Mountains.

The park is surrounded by nature, in a cool and shady place, just a few miunutes from the centre of Fiera di Primiero. There are also health itineraries, with fitness equipment and a yoga platform, very useful for regenerating morning awakenings in harmony with Mother Earth! The Navoi Wellness Gardens are also the perfect destination for a little relaxation after a ride along the cycle/pedestrian path that connects the villages of the Primiero Valley, thanks to a relaxing solarium area and a rest area with a picnic area for tasty snacks based on local products. Another treat? The park has been enhanced with a suspended panoramic balcony, a privileged vantage point over the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites!



Which activities should be preferred at this time of year? The fundamental rule is that of gradualness: if you have not trained during the winter, it is best to start with gentle walks, and then gradually increase the pace and move on to a few jogs at a faster pace. The bicycle can also be the ideal companion for your first spring outings: the first few times it is better to opt for an ebike, the pedal-assisted bicycle that facilitates movement without overstraining your legs, which are still not very well trained.


Your wellbeing goes hand in hand with the wellbeing of the Earth! A visit to the Navoi Wellness Gardens will be an opportunity to discover all the benefits of water, a fundamental resource for the Primiero and Vanoi valleys! If you choose to reach this open-air oasis on an ebike you will do so using clean, km0 energy!

Our municipalities have been declared 100% Renewable Territory by Legambiente and thanks to the abundance of watercourses and numerous hydroelectric power stations they produce 10 times more clean energy than is needed by their 10,000 inhabitants.