Clean energy for your e-bike

100% renewable energy for the charging stations in the area!

Getting around on a bicycle, mountain bike, or e-bike during your vacation is an excellent solution for sustainable transportation and exploring the area from a unique perspective. Climbing to higher altitudes, pedaling with the wind on your face, and admiring breathtaking landscapes will give you intense emotions and a great sense of freedom.
Here, in the pristine nature of the Paneveggio Pale di San Martino Natural Park, amidst the Lagorai mountain range, the Vette Feltrine, and the captivating peaks of the Pale di San Martino, you can choose from over 350 kilometers of trails with varying levels of difficulty. And if the idea of exertion scares you, there are e-bikes that make pedaling easy and enjoyable with their electric motor, no matter where you go!

Our territory is an ideal destination for your e-bike vacation in the Dolomites, to be discovered and experienced in harmony with the nature and landscapes you''ll explore while pedaling. It''s no coincidence that the Municipality of Primiero San Martino di Castrozza has been recognized as an Alpine Pearl for its promotion of 360-degree eco-friendly mobility.

Respecting the environment is a fundamental value and a concrete commitment for us. Did you know that the charging points for electric bikes - positioned throughout the territory - are powered by 100% renewable and locally sourced energy? All the charging stations, in fact, operate on locally produced hydropower from the ACSM Group, which is certified and comes from a short supply chain.

As you may have understood, even on vacation, it is possible to live with a low environmental impact, and with us, it becomes even easier!
And if, after pedaling, the battery of your e-bike runs out, no problem! Along the routes, you will find several options to recharge your e-bike for free:

  • The public charging stations installed by ACSM can be used free of charge by downloading the Zeus App. Through this application, simply select the charging station from the map or scan the associated QR code using your smartphone. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen to unlock the charging socket or access the tools provided for minor bicycle repairs. The service is also available in areas with no or limited internet coverage, thanks to alternative operational solutions such as initiating the charging process by tourist operators using a dedicated card or providing the card at the charging stations.
  • The charging stations of the Paneveggio Pale di San Martino Nature Park are located along the Caoria-Paneveggio cycle and pedestrian path and can be used free of charge by requesting the keys from the managers of the adjacent facilities. There are a total of 6 stations located in the following areas: in the Vanoi Valley at Osteria alla Siega in Ponte Stel and Rifugio Refavaie; in San Martino di Castrozza at Malghetta Tognola and Malga Ces; and at Passo Rolle-Val Venegia at Rifugio Capanna Cervino and Malga Venegia.
  • The charging station installed in San Martino di Castrozza by the Famiglia Cooperativa di Mezzano as part of the sustainable mobility project of the Trentino Cooperative Federation. Located in front of the sales point in San Martino di Castrozza, the charging station can be used free of charge by following the simple instructions provided on the station itself.
  • Lastly, there are various charging points available for the guests of hotels, restaurants, and other establishments in the area.

The charging stations are also indicated on our bike route map.

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    Zona sportiva
    Ex-Scuole elementari (con rastrelliera)
    Loc. Masi (presso lisièra)
    Rifugio Vederna

    Area sosta camper
    Malga Neva di Mezzo

Primiero San Martino di Castrozza
    Agritur Le Vale
    Pump Track Primiero - Siror (presso Bar Molin)
    Passo Cereda (presso Centro del fondo)
    Maso Tais
    Cant del Gal - Val Canali
    San Martino di Castrozza - Piazzale Parcheggio Madonna
    San Martino di Castrozza - Famiglia Cooperativa
    Passo Rolle (di fronte Caserma GdF)
    Malghetta Tognola
    Malga Ces
    Malga Venegia

Vanoi valley
    Osteria alla Siega - Ponte Stel
    Rifugio Refavaie
    Lago Calaita
    Bar Ronco Chiesa (Osteria "Ronc")
    Malga Fossernica di dentro
    Malga Fiamena

Sagron Mis
    Centro di Sagron
    Asilo Mis