Agility Forest Adventure Park

The Adventure Park
This Adventure Park is a network of acrobatic routes suspended among the trees: a fun place for children, teenagers and adults. Apart from a healthy dose of good fun, the park is a good way to test one’s physical and mental skills and gives everyone, regardless of age, the opportunity to discover new ways to move and play.
Agility Forest has 58 different sections, classed according to their difficulty and organised into 5 different trails:

  • a trail for children from 3 to 6 years old
  • "kids’ thrills" with a 55m zip-line for children
  • two easy trails for children, teenagers and adults
  • two harder trails for teenagers and adults

Member of the "ParQ" - Italian Association for Safe Adventure Parks.

Trails are tackled in complete safety: it is compulsory to wear the equipment provided (harness and helmet) and to listen to a preliminary briefing by the staff.


389-9979479 FRANCO

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