The Park’s Theme Trails

In the Park, tourists can walk down several theme-based trails. One of the most unusual is certainly The Muse Fedaie in Val Canali: a flat barrier-free foot path suitable for all which unwinds for 3.5 km in a double ring along the large meadow that joins Villa Welsperg with the small lake of the same name. There are seven stages dedicated to the woods of the Muses, spirit guides in Greek mythology that lead men to ponder about the magnificent complexity of Nature. Here visitors will also experience the Kneipp hydrotherapy method and relaxation sessions, and find descriptive panels of local crafts, as well as vintage photos. 
Especially pleasant is the Sentiero Marciò trail within the Paneveggio forest, with the adventurous crossing of the Travignolo torrent on a hanging bridge. 
Of particular interest is the itinerary Tonadico-Cimerlo: after a visit to the old picture gallery-town of Tonadico with its historic Palazzo Scopoli, the route climbs up to Val Canali through several spots of historical and cultural interest. The ancient church of San Vittore, Don Fuganti’s Apiary, the Madonna della Luce capital, the former Boaleti hydroelectric power plant, and Castel Pietra, all the way up to Villa Welsperg. 
The more athletic ones will also enjoy three geological trails: Valles-Venegia, Crode Rosse and Calaita-Cima d’Arzon. Fascinating from a historical perspective are the paths in the Vanoi valley that offer the opportunity of visiting places, now part of the Park, where the aftermath of World War I has left indelible marks.