Sustainable Holidays

Nature as a way of life

If you are thinking of spending a few days at the foot of the Pale di San Martino you are for sure a nature lover! A large part of our territory is in fact part of the Paneveggio Pale di San Martino Nature Park, famous for its forests rich in spruce, for its biodiversity, for its alpine environments of rare beauty, and of course for the splendid Dolomites, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Since 2022, the municipality of Primiero San Martino di Castrozza has also joined the Alpine Pearls circuit, an international network that brings together 18 tourist resorts in four countries.

But there''s more: in this corner of Trentino we use exclusively clean energy! This means that when you go uphill on the ski lifts, every time you choose to travel by electric car, when you ride an e-bike and even while charging your smartphone you do so in an environmentally friendly way.

For the municipalities of the Primiero and Vanoi valleys, which have been declared 100% renewable by Legambiente, water and wood are two very precious resources because they allow us to run no less than 13 hydroelectric power plants and two biomass power stations! In this way we have managed to drastically reduce our CO2 emissions and turn our gaze towards a more sustainable future, in the conviction that living with a low environmental impact is possible and above all achievable!

Many hotels, restaurants and businesses in our area have decided to commit themselves to using clean energy, to enhance the gastronomic tradition of the valley through zero-mileage products, to reduce the impact of their activities and to raise their guests'' awareness of the sensitive issue of sustainability. For this reason they have requested and obtained the Green Way Primiero logo, a guarantee of environmental, social and economic quality.

If for you too, respect for the environment has become a way of being and you are convinced that every conscious choice and every small gesture can contribute to making the world a cleaner place, join us and become the protagonist of the green revolution already underway! 

How to do it? Here are our tips for turning your holiday in the Dolomites into a real green experience!



The entire San Martino di Castrozza-Passo Rolle ski area is located within the Nature Park, and in both summer and winter, gondolas, cable cars and chairlifts all run on hydroelectric power, the same power we use to power the snow cannons! Reducing water consumption is crucial, which is why we have designed and built new artificial reservoirs in recent years! Haven''t you noticed them? What in summer are mirrors of water well integrated into the surrounding environment, become at the beginning of winter a precious source of water for snowmaking!

An example of how tourism and sustainability can go hand in hand!



Choose to reach us using alternative means of transport! If you book a stay in one of our accommodation facilities, you will receive the Trentino Guest Card free of charge, which allows you to use local public transport free of charge even before your arrival, and eight hours of free recharging if you use your electric or hybrid car! Sometimes finding an available charging station can be a problem? Not here! There are no less than 16 charging stations in the area, connected to the whole Europe thanks to the Neogy network. What does this mean? In addition to having the certainty of filling up with renewable energy produced in Primiero, you can monitor in real time the performance and availability of each column, choosing to pay as you prefer, with your card, via app or by credit card.

In addition to the public network, there are hotels and restaurants that have decided to make the recharging service available to their customers. So, while you discover the area or savour traditional dishes, your vehicle recharges! Convenient, isn''t it?




Yes, we are “recyclers” and proud of it. With the commitment of the residents and the invaluable help of all our guests, we have succeeded in bringing the percentage of recycling to over 82%. Last year the use of biodegradable ski passes started on an experimental basis, in cooperation with Dolomiti Superski, and our intention is to reduce the use of disposable plastic material more and more! To improve, however, we also need your help! Always separate PLASTICS, GLASS and PAPER and dispose them in the appropriate recycling bins in the ecological areas. Separate waste collection may differ from your city: if you have any doubts, you can have a look at our recycling booklet or ask the managers of your host facility for advice.



Besides drawing energy and warmth from it, wood is a real source of inspiration! In Mezzano, one of I Borghi più belli d''Italia, woodpiles have become original art installations, transforming the village into an open-air art gallery, while Siror hosts a themed itinerary dedicated to the legends of Primiero, represented on large wooden panels carved by local and non-local artists. In Imèr, on the other hand, they have decided to reinvent street art in an Alpine key, renaming it stre(e)t barch! An original way of giving new life to the weather-blackened wood of farm huts (in dialect barchi). Have we intrigued you? Then download the gpx track of the Green Way Family ring and visit our villages on an ebike!

And if the recharge is about to run out, no problem. Look for one of the 30 charging stations and fill up with clean energy for free!


Our forests and mountains are delicate ecosystems. To protect them, prefer water bottles to plastic bottles and remember to always carry a bag in your rucksack to store waste without abandoning it along the way. Nature will thank you for it! But what to do when you come across waste paper, masks and cans thrown on the ground by others? If you, too, are sensitive to this issue and want to do something for the environment, pick up whatever you find while walking in the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and throw it into the appropriate Xchange Boxes: one is placed at the entrance to the path that leads from the Col meadows to Malga Civertaghe; one is placed at the crossroads of forest roads that lead to Malga Crel and Malga Valcigolera; one is placed in the centre of town, in front of the church. The young people of the village, promoters of the EcoLogica della Montagna project, will sort them correctly and, thanks to your precious help, give new life to the rubbish abandoned along the paths!


Thanks to the Trentino Tree Agreement project you can sign a pact with the trees and make your contribution to restoring the forests destroyed by the terrible storm Vaia, which on 29th October 2018 uprooted and broke more than 4,000,000 cubic metres of trees, leaving deep wounds in our landscape. With a donation you can contribute to the growth of one or more trees that will be planted in one of the three areas affected by the project: the Foresta dei Violini in Paneveggio, the Foresta dell''Eremo in San Martino di Castrozza and the Foresta Nascosta in Cadino. Do you want to do your part too? Visit the official website and discover how to become a Friend, Supporter, Ambassador and Guardian of the pact with the forest to come!