Cheese Route of the Dolomites

A journey in - and through - every sense!

Typical Cheese
The Strada dei Formaggi delle Dolomiti down the Primiero valley is an itinerary into the heart of the most authentic Trentino traditions, through legendary places nestled among the Dolomites.
The underlying theme for this product club, bringing together different players in and around the tourist industry, is the rich dairy production in the valley. But the route also promotes a series of niche products that are the fruit of a community which has striven to maintain the rhythms of life, the love for their homeland and the respect for their natural heritage as they once were. A trip on the Strada dei Formaggi delle Dolomiti is not only a culinary trip, but also a journey through space and time experienced with all senses.
Every bite of Primiero cheese such as the various Nostrano cheeses, the fresh and smoked ricotta or the Tosèla, taste of mountain dairies, of scented alpine flowers and of yet unspoilt environments such as the neighbouring Valle di Vanoi.

The Strada dei Formaggi delle Dolomiti leads you on a journey filled with the emotions evoked by your history blending with that of this magnificent land. Every experience must be enjoyed and tasted slowly, giving it its appropriate time and space, to discover that in the end this is maybe just a new beginning.

Typical Primiero cheese:
  • Tosèla
  • Nostrano di Primiero
  • Botìro di Primiero di Malga