Palazzo Scopoli - House of Food

A place of narration, storytelling and oddities

Palazzo Scopoli, an historical building dating back to the year 1000, originally erected in Tonadico as a granary and “bread bank” and later becoming an administrative building, courthouse and noble palace, has returned to its origins and is now a storehouse and place for Primiero food culture, as well as a centre of art in all its forms, including painting, design, music, reading and theatre.

An open-air palace with beautiful wooden halls, a lush garden and delightful view of the village, it is the pulsating heart of a broad museum of taste, for and of the community, a showcase of Trentino-made food and wine products. A place of narration, storytelling and oddities about local food, to be discovered through a rich calendar of food&wine experiences organised by the Dolomites “Strada dei formaggi” (Cheese route) involving producers, masters of taste, chefs and local associations.