Our suspension bridges

The thunderous sound of water rushing under your feet, the feeling of being literally suspended in the air, the adrenaline rising with every step while the ropes, moved by the weight of the body, suddenly sway: crossing a suspension bridge is a unique experience, a small challenge with oneself that gives unexpected thrills.

Many in Italy call them ‘Tibetan bridges’, but they are actually walkways made with large steel ropes firmly anchored to the ground, which can be safely crossed by adults and children, on foot or by bicycle, at different times of the year.

In the Primiero and Vanoi Valleys there are 4 of them and the highest reaches 30 meters in height.
If you like challenges and do not suffer from vertigo, all you have left to do is arm yourself with courage and decide what your next destination will be!


This suspension bridge, inaugurated in the summer, reaches 32 meters in height at its highest point! To reach it, just take the Via Nova path, which starts from the historical centre of Pieve: walking at mid-altitude you can surround yourself with the autumnal atmosphere of the forest and admire stunning views over the Pale di San Martino, Vette Feltrine, and the towns of Primiero!


70 metres long, almost 30 metres high: it is the suspension bridge of Val Noana that connects the Fonteghi Refuge to the bucolic meadows of San Giovanni. After crossing the bridge, do not miss the two new panoramic walkways built in the area: the first will give you a breath-taking view of the lake of Val Noana, while from the second you can closely observe the many daredevils who reach this wild valley to practice canyoning!


Surrounded by the woods and suspended at over 20 meters, this bridge is pure adrenaline. It is located on the new cycle/pedestrian path that connects Primiero to San Martino di Castrozza, and with its 58 meters of length it will give you the right energy to continue until you reach your destination! Our advice? Try this path with an ebike: you will effortlessly tackle the almost 700 meters of altitude difference that separate you from the stunning peaks of the Dolomites!


It is the true gem of the Marciò path, an easy loop that in about an hour will allow you to enter the heart of the Paneveggio Forest, also known as the Forest of Violins for the legendary resonant fir trees that thrive here! The passage on the suspension bridge will allow you to cross the Travignolo gorge and closely observe the extraordinary strength of this mountain stream!


The suspension bridge is one of the most fascinating points of the didactic via ferrata Val di Scala in Vanoi Valley.
To reach it, it is compulsory to have the via ferrata equipment. The bridge is 12 meters long and it crosses a little and particular gorge, which boasts a spectacular waterfall during the springtime.