Baby Trekking - Malga Juribello

Starting place: Rolle Pass 
Parking: along the no. 50 Rolle Pass road on the left 
Transport used: hiking pushchair
Average time: forty minutes 
Difficulty: easy

Starting from San Martino di Castrozza, the hike begins about 3 km after the Rolle Pass. After a bend, there is a large unpaved area on the left which signals you have arrived. You can leave your car here and cross the road to where a lovely wide, flat, dirt-track takes you on a leisurely stroll into the cool woods.

The first part of the trail is totally flat, so you can push the stroller along without encountering any obstacles since the ground is perfectly level. Halfway along, the dirt-track starts to go uphill, but with a gentle gradient and winds alongside a lovely, green pine forest.With the trees behind you, you can start to see the mountain peaks which form a splendid backdrop to this amazing location.

When you get to the Malga Juribello, you are rewarded with a superb view of the spectacular Pale di San Martino and the Lagorai mountains! To crown it all, there are emerald green fields for the children to play in! The malga (mountain hut) has a lot of animals, such as cows, goats and sheep left to graze freely while the pigs, calves and chickens are in pens, but accessible to children.

Malga Juribello is managed by the Provincial Federation of Cattle Breeders and has some 150 dairy cows which provide milk every day to the Caseificio Comprensoriale di Primiero (dairy association) which then transforms it into typical products, such as the delicious Toséla cheese.

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