Educational Via Ferrata Val di Scala

Ph. E. Brussich
The new “educational” Via Ferrata Val di Scala in Vanoi Valley, not far from Caoria village, is a rare example of Ferrata on granite at a low altitude. It is unique on its kind also thanks to its easy access: is accessible by car, you will not spent much time or effort to approach it.

The way is adrenalinic from the beginning: it starts at 700 meters a.s.l. and the total difference in altitude is 200 meters. The first part is extremely suggestive, it runs along a small waterfall and it leads to an adventurous tibetan bridge 12 meters long.This Via Ferrata is ideal for beginners, but especially for families that want to make children experiment a first approach to mountaineering, before trying more difficult Via Ferratas.

The new Via Ferrata is equipped with steel cables, steps and small bridges made of wood. The landscape surrounding it, made of rocks and wood crossed by water, is particularly appreciated. At the end, an easy path will take you back to the valley.

Via Ferrata + way back: 45 min.
Location: Caoria, Valle del Vanoi
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