The new cycle and pedestrian path

The new itinerary with a “suspension bridge” connecting Primiero and San Martino di Castrozza

Getting to San Martino di Castrozza from Primiero has never been this eco-friendly!

On the newly built cycle and pedestrian path from Siror, you can cover the approximately 700-metre elevation gain that separates these two renowned locations in Trentino, either on foot or by mountain bike. After leaving the Primiero Pump Track, you will delve into the woods bordering the Cismon torrent until you reach a spectacular 20-metre high steel cable suspension bridge, which at 58 metres long allows you to cross the “Val della Vecia” stream. This adrenaline rush will give you the energy you need to continue on to San Martino di Castrozza, where you will be greeted by the Dolomites, a Unesco World Heritage site. The cycling track will be quite a thrill for well-trained bikers, and you can put yourself to the test on the steepest stretches.

If, on the other hand, you’re not quite ready to tackle medium-long trails, you’d best opt for the comfort of an ebike, a popular choice with families and the less experienced.

Prepare to expand your horizons!
With a pedal-assisted mountain bike, you can reach otherwise inaccessible locations in a simple, and most importantly eco-friendly way, since our ebikes for hire are powered strictly by the Primiero hydroelectric power stations. Want to give it a shot? Find out where to rent your ebike and get ready to cruise along the new cycle and pedestrian path, as well as all the other bike and pedestrian trails at the foot of the Pala Group.

The route from Primiero to San Martino di Castrozza enriches the cycle and pedestrian path connecting the villages of Imèr and Siror, passing through Mezzano, Fiera di Primiero and Tonadico, and is completed by the panoramic stretch that leads to Passo Rolle.
Technical info:

Departure: Imèr
Arrival: Siror
Length: 9.5 kilometres
Elevation gain: 200 metres
Average journey time: 2 hours on foot, 1 hour with mtb
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Departure: Siror
Arrival: San Martino di Castrozza
Length: 9 kilometres
Elevation gain: 700 metres
Average journey time: 3 hours on foot, 2 hours with mtb
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Along the route from Paneveggio to Caoria, enjoy the extraordinary locations and entirely natural contexts of the Park.In the summer, the "Terra Foresta” visitors’ centre in Paneveggio is worth a visit and tells the story of the great spruce forest, known as the “Violin Forest” for its resonance wood used by violin makers throughout the ages. The Cimon della Pala can be admired from Passo Rolle, and Tognola boasts the "Panoramic Balcony on the Dolomites", where the view sweeps from the porphyry Lagorai chain to the Vette Feltrine, passing by the imposing Pala Group. In the Vanoi Valley you can get to know the “Ethnographic Path”, a “journey through time and space”.

Average journey time: 5 hours with e-mtb 
Departure: Caoria
Arrival: Paneveggio
Length: 39 kilometres
Elevation gain: 1179 metres