The 7 TOP natural experiences

Everyone knows that in winter the mountain knows how to be fascinating, but it is in summer that it gives its best. In this season, nature turns into an explosion of colours, scents, and unique sensations, the ideal time to try new exciting outdoor experiences.

At the foot of the Pale di San Martino there are many ways to have fun: from canyoning in Val Noana to the thrill of paragliding, to then move on to the orienteering and trekking routes, perhaps in the company of a cute llama, without forgetting outdoor picnics and sensory experiences. In other words, summer in the Dolomites’ nature is synonymous with fun; a feeling shared by everyone, young and old alike.


Diving into the fresh, crystal-clear water of a mountain stream has never been so exciting! With the canyoning descent of Val Noana, adrenaline and fun are guaranteed, among rocky gorges, pools of water, and natural slides. The activity, organized by the Alpine Guides of San Martino, can be practiced safely by both adults and children starting at eight years old.


Living in contact with animals is not only a pleasure but also a cure-all: they know it well at the Chalet nel Doch, where the well-being of body and mind also passes through the Llama Tour Therapy, a unique trekking route in the company of these sweet, friendly, and curious animals from South America. There are three itineraries available, divided according to the length of the route.


The first Running Park in the Dolomites with 16 routes dedicated to running, trekking, and walking in the pristine nature that surrounds San Martino di Castrozza. A series of looping routes ranging from short half-hour trips to half-day excursions with considerable development and high elevation gains, all of them offering unforgettable experiences to satisfy both the casual walkers and the most avid hikers.


A sport suitable for everyone, especially for those who love being outdoors. The Primiero valley is a true paradise for orienteering enthusiasts thanks to a territory that allows you to practice this discipline at any time of year. From the fixed routes of Imer to the map on the Alpe Tognola, without forgetting the Orienteering Park in Val Canali, there are many opportunities to have fun with topographic map and compass in hand.


In summer 2019, a new experience joined the many adventures you can try in Val Noana, like the hiking trail of the giant firs or the adventurous canyoning in the company of the Alpine Guides: a spectacular Tibetan bridge seventy meters long and thirty meters high that connects the Fonteghi refuge to the meadows of Caltena and San Giovanni.

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