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Rosetta Hut
Skilfully built in strategic positions, Alpine mountain huts represent a comfortable accommodation solution for all those mountain lovers who appreciate the essence of a high-altitude experience and want to live unique experiences: to wake up early in the morning and admire the sun rise over the peaks, to get ready eagerly after breakfast and set off once more with a backpack for the day, the good smell of a wholesome soup at the end of a day’s excursion under the rain and the unique atmosphere of the evenings spent with one’s walking companions exchanging anecdotes, stories and jokes while sipping local grappa. Among these majestic and elegant coral mountains, it is easier to face the cool evening breeze and admire the magnificent display of a starry sky for a last time before joining one’s friends in the dorm and sinking into a regenerating sleep.

Situated in a splendid position on the edge of the impressive Altopiano delle Pale di San Martino, this mountain hut is both a starting and arrival point for all sorts of hikes and climbs. From Rifugio Rosetta you can set off for the highest peak in the Pale di San Martino and for the Fradusta glacier as well as reach the Rosetta peak in only 20 minutes. The mountain hut has 80 beds and offers a bar and restaurant service with local dishes. If you wish to stay the night, it is recommended to book in advance.

This mountain hut is managed by the CAI-SAT (Italian Alpine Club - Trentino Mountaineering Association) and stands on a rocky terrace at the foot of the Cima della Madonna, accessible both from San Martino di Castrozza and from Val Canali. It is a starting point for many interesting hiking and mountain climbing itineraries. The mountain hut has 62 beds. The "Velo della Madonna" (Virgin’s Veil) is the exposed north-west arête of Cima Madonna where the thrilling climbing route of the "Spigolo del Velo" unfolds – this is certainly one of the "classic" routes of the Dolomites.

The Cima Canali rises like a great rocky cathedral before this mountain hut built in the heart of the Pale di San Martino range and along the Alta Via delle Dolomiti No. 2 (High-Altitude Route of the Dolomites No. 2). It has 64 beds and was completely refurbished in 2005. The mountain hut is a perfect starting point for splendid climbs, hikes and via ferratas. It can be reached from Val Canali or from the Altopiano delle Pale.

The old Rifugio Canali, built by the German Alpine Club, has been renamed Rifugio Treviso and stands in the upper Val Canali, at the foot of the Vallon delle Mughe. It has 38 beds and has been completely refurbished in 2004. It is a stopping point along the High-Altitude Route of the Dolomites n. 2 and a starting point for numerous hikes and climbs.

This mountain hut stands in a splendid position near the Lakes of Colbricon. The views sweep from the rocky spires of the Pale di San Martino across to the peaks of the Lagorai range. It is accessed with an easy walk from Passo Rolle (Malga Rolle) or a slightly more strenuous route from Malga Ces.
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