Orienteering, the adventure sport for all


Valle di Primiero is a paradise for orienteering enthusiasts thanks to its terrain where this outdoor discipline can be practised all year round. Orienteering can be carried out on foot, cross-country skiing or mountain biking, both at a professional and amateur level and entails coupling one’s physical prowess to logical skills in map-reading and deciding the best itinerary to follow:  the winner is not necessarily the fastest participant but the one who is able to navigate more rapidly and to take the best decisions. The International Federation has also recognized the "Trail-Orienteering" or precision orienteering speciality, which requires great precision in reading a map and its corresponding terrain but which is also particularly suited to athletes with disabilities or with walking difficulties. The fundamental instruments for this sport are a specific orienteering topographic map, a compass, cloth lanterns placed at control points and suitable footwear to ensure a good grip on all sorts of terrain. In 2009, participants in the Junior World Orienteering Championships - JWOC raced against each other with the beautiful landscapes of Val Canali, San Martino di Castrozza and Passo Rolle as a backdrop, while in 2011, the Primiero valleys hosted the ISF Orienteering Student World Championships.