Fiera di Primiero

Fiera di Primiero

Inhabitants: 533 Altitude: 745
Number of beds
in hotels: 2051 (TOTALE PRIMIERO)
in other accommodation: 1651 (TOTALE PRIMIERO)

The smallest municipality in Italy

At 745 metres above sea level, this small town has about 500 inhabitants; it is the smallest municipality in Italy. The town dates back to around 1400 AC when the Primiero area, a fiefdom of the Welsperg family and part of the Austrian Empire, underwent an extraordinary economic growth, mostly due to the numerous copper, silver and iron mines in the area.

Among the historic buildings worth visiting, we mention the Church of Madonna Assunta (Our Lady of the Assumption), an old Gothic church home to a marvellous triptych that has long been conserved in the Museo del Buonconsiglio in Trento, the small Church of San Martino, the Church of Madonna dell’Aiuto (Our Lady of Perpetual Help) and the Palazzo delle Miniere (Mining Museum).

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