Trekking del Cristo Pensante

Trekking of the Meditating Christ

the Meditating Christ

The small Castellazzo peak mesmerises even those who have spent a lifetime in these mountains. From 2009, it is home to the Cristo Pensante (Meditating Christ) statue, thus becoming its natural cathedral.
The Cristo Pensante Trail can be undertaken by everyone and offers a unique opportunity to combine walking within the Paneveggio - Pale di San Martino Nature Park to meditating and tuning into one’s emotions, leading to a newfound harmony with oneself and with the surrounding natural environment.
It is a place to exercise your mind, to ask questions and find answers, to understand how small Man is compared to the immensity of the Universe. And when the sun has dipped below the horizon giving way to a blanket of stars, you will realise that it is not you who is observing Nature but rather Nature that is observing you. In such occurrences, everyone will feel enriched and find a new outlook on life.

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