Your safe holidays

The pandemic asked us for an act of responsibility toward others and ourselves. We wisely waited to be able to restart and start breathing fresh air again, watch sunsets, and admire the beauty of our Pale di San Martino.

Now we are ready to restart! Discover below all the news and information for the summer to experience your vacation in complete safety!

The invitation to all, residents and guests, is to keep a responsible behaviour and follow the recommendations of the national health system: respect the safety distances between people (at least one meter), wash your hands often, and avoid grouping together.

We are confident that adopting responsible behaviour today will allow everyone to return to normal as quickly as possible.

Holidaying Safely in Trentino: our ways of taking care of you!


It will be a pleasure to welcome you back to our territory and to our offices to guarantee you all the assistance you might need before, during, and after your holidays.
We inform you of some simple precautions that we have put in place compatibly with the anti-Covid measures to welcome you in complete safety:
  • Information material: we are not allowed to display brochures, leaflets, and maps freely to the guests on the external and internal notice boards. We invite you to download or browse online on your smartphone or tablet the trekking and biking maps of the area, the maps of the towns, and the catalogues of the accommodation facilities, flats, and restaurants. If you prefer, you can ask us via email or phone to send you the paper version directly to your home! On the notice boards you will also find all the direct channels to receive all the updated information.
  • Office access: a specific rule has been put in place indicating the maximum number of people who can enter the office at the same time. Where possible, only one person per family is invited to enter. It will be mandatory for all users to wear their personal mask and respect the signs indicating the safety distance between waiting people. On all counters there are anti-droplet screens in order to ask the staff all the information you need in maximum safety.
  • Office hours: San Martino di Castrozza (Monday through Saturday 9 am-12.30 pm/2.30 pm-5.30 pm; Sunday CLOSED),
    Fiera di Primiero (Monday through Saturday 8.30 am-12.30 pm/3.20 pm-6.00 pm; Sunday CLOSED),
    Canal San Bovo (Saturday 9 am-12.00 pm; Sunday CLOSED).
We are confident we can count on your help to guarantee the conditions for a truly regenerating vacation: at Pale di San Martino nature releases well-being and beauty!


This section is available only in Italian.


The kick off of the Dolomiti Superski 2020/2021 winter season is scheduled for Saturday, 28th November 2020, when the first section of the Dolomite valleys will open the ski runs and lifts. Dolomiti Superski wants to guarantee ski enthusiasts maximum peace of mind and safety during their holiday on the slopes of the Dolomites. We are looking forward with confidence to this important date, as we have put a great deal of effort and thought into developing a series of safety measures, taking account of all current regulations. The guiding principal for Dolomiti Superski’s coming winter season is “We Care About You.” Our aim is to underline that the world’s largest ski carousel takes meticulous care of its guests, fully committing to the needs of those who spend their winter holidays in the Dolomites. Therefore, many of the introduced measures go above and beyond the general ones envisaged by the authorities in charge.

Ski Lifts
The guidelines which govern the operation of the lifts are dictated at a national, regional and/or province level (in the case of autonomous provinces). Public bodies will define the method of access, use of personal protection systems, distancing, sanitization, etc. Dolomiti Superski will implement the dictated regulations and notify the public immediately.

Seasonal and Multi-Day Ski Passes
The lockdown in March 2020 caught everyone by surprise – Dolomiti Superski included. Meanwhile, the ski carousel and its associated ski areas have offered rebalancing measures to holders of seasonal ski passes, who were unable to ski all the way until the end of the scheduled season.For the 2020/2021 winter season, however, Dolomiti Superski has developed a system of guarantees that will ensure right from the beginning the maximum transparency and safety for everyone who wants to purchase a seasonal or a multi-day ski pass. Those who decide to purchase a Dolomiti Superski seasonal ski pass will be ensured certain guarantees in the event of a lockdown of at least 14 consecutive days, at various territorial levels – whether there is a total lockdown or the in case of total closure of one of the 12 ski areas in which villages the user resides or lodges. Within 30 days from the start of the lockdown or closure, the passholder may exercise this right of withdrawal, if not yet used its seasonal ski pass for 40 days, by filling out an online form. By doing so, the refund procedure will start, and the ski pass will be deactivated. Alternatively, the user can decide to keep his ski pass active and therefore continue skiing until the end of the season in the open ski areas. In this case there will be no refund. The refund threshold for Dolomiti Superski seasonal ski passes will decrease in relation to the remaining duration of the season every two weeks, starting from 15th December 2020. For example, a lockdown that occurs before 15th January 2021 grants a refund of 55% of the ski pass price purchased by the customer. The next deadline is scheduled for 31st January, where the refund threshold will be 40%. It will continue like this until 1st April 2021, the date upon which the repayment threshold is zeroed out. Refunds will be made in monetary form by bank transfer.Details will be available soon a
Similar procedure is valid for holders of multi-day ski passes but in addition to the two hypotheses indicated above, also in the event of a positive diagnosis of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and in the event of a quarantine measure: the unused days will be reimbursed on the basis of the multi-day price list. For example, a passholder has purchased a 6-day Dolomiti Superski ski pass, but only uses it for two days before a lockdown occurs. The cost of the 2-day ski pass is deducted from the price of the 6-day ski pass, and the difference is refunded.

Expansion of the Online Shop
“We Care About You” is also reflected in Dolomiti Superski’s commitment to making customer access to lifts and slopes as quick and convenient as possible. For this reason, now features an online shop, which allows nearly every type of ski pass to be purchased online. Starting around mid-November, clients will be able to perform multiple actions online: buy seasonal ski passes with the compensatory measure foreseen, acquire multi-day ski passes, Junior and Senior ski passes. These can be loaded directly onto the My Dolomiti Ski Card if the passholder already has one. Alternately, the customer can go to ticket sales offices with the voucher, using a special queue for online purchases, where available. The third option is to collect your ski pass at one of the around 50 ticket offices located in all 12 Dolomiti Superski valleys. This expansion of the range of ski passes purchasable online, is designed to allow skiers to avoid queues at ticket sales points. Because Dolomiti Superski takes care of its customers.

Ski-Pass Services at Hotels
A service that has already existed for many years will be offered again this season, taking on greater importance. The Hotel Ski Pass Service allows skiers to buy the preferred pass online and then conveniently find it waiting in their hotel room upon arrival – thanks to a collaboration with accommodation providers, who will receive a copy of the voucher in advance and collect the ski pass for their guests. This is another way to help avoiding queues at the physical points of sale. In addition, hoteliers and other accommodation providers will proactively advise their guests to use the online shop during the booking process.

New Skiers Map
An innovative Skiers Map, which displays how busy the main lifts are at a specific the moment, will be available inside the new Dolomiti Superski app. The map will also be integrated into the 3D ski map on our website. By measuring the percentage of lift capacity used within a unit of time, the map allows the skier to decide when to use which lifts, and therefore avoid possible crowds.

Holiday Calendar
Based on historical data from the last five years, Dolomiti Superski provides a table with forecasts of inflow to the ski slopes on each individual day of the season. In this way, the user can plan a holiday in such a way as to avoid the periods of greatest influx.

Regulation of Lift Lines
The regulation of the lines at the lifts must be made by the public authorities. However, Dolomiti Superski has sensitized all lift operators to adopt suitable measures to guarantee social distancing where possible and alternatively to promote the use of masks, in the interest of the users and in line with the "We care about you" campaign.

Skier Responsibility
None of the planned measures will be effective if the skiers themselves do not make their own contribution and strictly follow the rules provided. Dolomiti Superski will provide information material at the points of greatest contact with guests (tickets sales points, ski lifts access, parking lots). To raise awareness among skiers, explanatory motion graphics will also be transmitted on big screens at the main valley and mountain stations.
Dolomiti Superski cares about its customers and is fully committed to guaranteeing them a relaxing and memorable holiday, which is as safe as possible. More details about individual safety measures are available on the website


All accommodation facilities have been equipped to guarantee a safe holiday.

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Malghe, restaurants, and refuges have equipped themselves to offer the opportunity to taste our products and typical dishes in complete safety.
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**ATTENTION: new fares and tickets for suburban services**

Here are the main changes:
the application of the new suburban fixed fare of 2 euros (1.80 euros with the smartphone app) for all routes, while the fares for urban tickets will remain unchanged.

It will no longer be possible to purchase tickets on board, either urban or suburban. All users must therefore get on the local public transport vehicles already equipped with one of the following: valid season ticket, ticket purchased on smartphone with the accredited apps (Openmove or Dropticket), the personal or anonymous rechargeable card, or single use ticket (purchased at the ticket office or at the self-service, or at the ‘Tabacchi’ for the urban service). Since 15/07 the single card can be used by multiple people (up to a maximum of 6 people), not counting children under 6, who travel for free.

Tickets can be purchased at the coops, in the ApT offices, and at the tourist office of Mezzano. In order to guarantee the possibility of acquiring the ticket to people getting on the vehicles from suburban stops without ticket offices, the new rechargeable cards (COP) pre-charged with 10 euros have been distributed to the local ApT offices, the tourist office of Mezzano, and the local Cooperative Families. The user will then be able to board the bus, validate the card, and the system will deduct 2 euros from the card, regardless of the length of the trip. The card is rechargeable and can be recharged and/or purchased at the Trentino Trasporti and Trenitalia ticket offices.

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