Winter is coming; get ready to get thrilled! How? On board a snowmobile or a snowcat, among snow dunes at 2,700 metres above sea level or, why not, high up in the sky among the updrafts, to breathe in the pure air of the Dolomites. Mountains in winter are really full of surprises! All that is left to do is close your eyes and get ready for your next adventure!


Have you ever been snowshoeing at an altitude of 2,700 metres? The plateau of the Pale di San Martino is an unspoilt, white paradise; a sea of snow crowned by the spectacular peaks of the Dolomites. The cable cars will whisk you up to the top in a matter of minutes and from there, you can set off on a discovery of untouched landscapes, accompanied only by the sound of your own breath and snowshoes on the snow!


A pleasant stroll in the majestic Paneveggio forest among the centuries-old red spruce trees, chosen by Stradivarius for his precious violins, will be the perfect opportunity to observe the tracks and footprints left by the cute animals that live in the forest. The walk is made even more of an adventure by the hanging bridge over the Travignolo torrent, not to mention a close encounter with the magnificent deer that roam the area! What more is there to say? Your kids will be lost for words!


Do you long for freedom, the sensation of bracing cold air caressing you face and flying carefree and high in the sky? Make your dream come true with Primiero Dolomiti Fly! Get ready to take flight accompanied by our qualified instructors who will take you tandem paragliding on the Dolomite air currents, to get a bird’s eye view of the snow-capped Pale di San Martino mountain range and the winter landscapes which make our valleys so unique! An indescribable experience beckons!


Es heißt, dass der Hund der beste Freund des Menschen ist... Im Schnee des Rolle-Pass ist es wirklich so! In diesem magischen Ort auf 2.000 Meter Höhe können Ihre Kinder sehen, wie wirklich besondere Hunde arbeiten: Es sind die Hundemannschaften der Guardia di Finanza, kleine vierbeinige Helden, die jeden Tag trainieren, um die Exkursionisten aus Lawinen zu retten. Für diese supersympathischen Tiere ist das Training ein vergnügliches Spiel, das den Tag im Schnee zu einem aufregenden und zur selben Zeit lehrreichen Erlebnis macht!


Guaranteed fun on our slopes...even at night! Experience the thrill of skiing by moonlight when the lights that illuminate San Martino di Castrozza become one with the sunglobes on the edge of the slopes and the stars twinkling in the sky! Unforgettable evenings await you on the Colverde slopes, with not only skiing, but lots of fun and good things to eat too, thanks to the welcoming atmosphere in the mountain shelter at an altitude of 2,000 metres!

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