Many ask….what is Telemark?

A short hint help You to understand the sense and the heart of this discipline!
Someone holds that the origins come from prehistory  and this could be possible considering the life conditions of population from North Europa! This sport, could have birth from a daily activity of moving! The very first proof of its existence can be traced back to 4000 years before Christ, in Norway, where a rocky engraving known as  “skier of Rodoy”.
At the end of Ninetheenth Century great sporty events are documented. So it is impossible to give a detail date of birth, but the most important event that the annals deal with, is the story of Sondre Norheim, father of modern skiing. On the occasion of an important international race, near Oslo, he did a historic ski jump landing with “knelt down” style, nowadays known as “Telemark”.
At the beginning of the Twentieth Century it has been given up, making space for Alpine Skiing, until America and Norway in the 70s and 80s , lighted this wonderful sport, in particular Norwegians took the opportunity to value and to restore dignity to their historical and cultural roots.
The first episode in Italy was in 1983, when Val Pusteria hosted Interski, that americans didn’t miss. But a concrete and recent confirm came from The Winter Olympic Games in Lillehammer in 1994… an unforgettable performance!

If  the “free heel” provides to move free on flate ground, the wide apart position of feet (typical of telemark) allows considerable balance during downhill. This position, simple and natural, represents the mean concept of telemark.
To conclude, we can say that in this millenium telemark is appearing in several areas in Italy!
A message that we want to send to lovers of mountain, snow and nature: this is a funny, feasible sport, which strong entanglements with people. In short, try to believe!

We are waiting for You with a lot of joy, smiles and friendship!
Guaranteed…you won’t be disappointed!



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