The Malghe Ski Carousel

At 8.30 am, skis strapped on and rearing to go for a day packed with skiing and good food on the Carosello delle Malghe. From the peak of the Tognola Alp at 2,220 m, the crisp crystalline morning air welcomes us to a new day. We revel in the extraordinary view over the Pale di San Martino range, then don our goggles and are ready to start our descent down the Uno run, which offers one of the most thrilling runs of the carousel: we ski down towards the valley without stopping, losing 800 m in altitude and enjoying every change of gradient while taking in the breathtaking views. Before we head back up for a new run, we can’t turn down the opportunity to stop at Malga Frattazza for a tasty breakfast with homemade cakes.

It is a good thing to know that this little gem in the woods is also open in the evenings for an original dinner: you can reach it by snowmobile and after having enjoyed the delicacies of the Malga restaurant, can head back down to the valley floor by sled. An experience not to be missed. Proceeding on our tour, after having reached the Tognola Alp again and tried out its runs, the carousel runs unwind towards Ces from Cima Tognola at 2383 m down the magnificent Cristiania run. Thanks to its excellent northerly exposure this run is guaranteed to have snow in prime condition at every hour of the day throughout the skiing season. From Val Cigolera, at the bottom of the Cristiania run, where the brand new and friendly Malga Val Cigolera tempts us for a tasty stop, we climb back up to 2227 m altitude reaching Punta Ces.

Here we can enjoy one of the most exciting panoramas of the carousel: the view ranges from the Pale di San Martino to the Lagorai range and then down to the Vette Feltrine and the charming Valle di Primiero. Among the red and black runs, there are no end of places to stop for a bite: a stop at the Malga Ces chalet is inevitable. Around lunchtime, it is a real pleasure to indulge in a toothsome snack or why not a sumptuous lunch if your appetite is up to it. The carousel continues once more towards the Tognola ski lifts but not before tackling a fantastic descent down the Record run, one of the most technical red runs of the ski area. When dusk approaches, we head back up towards the Tognola Alp to enjoy a delicious cheese-tasting matched with local honeys and wines from Trentino: just before the last run back to the valley floor, l’Angolino Rustico at the Tognola Self Service offers a truly special aperitif, a romantic toast on the terrace while the Pale di San Martino turn pink in the alpenglow. We take off our skis but our day on the Carosello delle Malghe is not over until our last pit stop at the Après Ski Campo Base Tognola: music and entertainment to end our skiing day in the best way possible or to continue having fun into the night! In fact, Après Ski Campo Base Tognola is open until late. The skiing leitmotif in San Martino di Castrozza is tasty skiing while enjoying a unique landscape. In other words, Carosello delle Malghe: 45 kilometres of runs and delicious treats.

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