Do you want to surprise your kids with a few days of fun and carefreeness? Nothing will make them happier than a snow adventure with mum and dad! If you are on the hunt for ideas to wow them, check out these five activities in contact with nature. With our advice, this year’s family holiday will truly bring everyone together!


The secrets of the winter wood and a sweet homemade snack.An easy guided walk for both kids and adults, between snow covered peaks and magic landscapes, to teach you how to listen to the nature and to understand its secrets, like how plants and animals can survive during the wintertime.After the walk, an homemade snack in the warm and cozy atmosphere of Maso Col.When: every Thursday. Meeting point: car park in front of Ristorante Maso Col at 2:30 pm.Cost: € 15 for adults. € 10 for kids (from 4 years old).Info: reservation until 6 pm of the previous day in the Tourist Board Office “ApT” (0039 0439 768867).


Snow is something truly special for all kids! They look forward to it, they dream about it and are champing at the bit every year to see it up close. It’s wonderful to see them so happy and carefree as they speed down the snowy slopes! Our playgrounds are located both at altitude and in the town centre, so just pick the best spot to suit your family’s needs. Don’t forget that we all become kids at heart again when we see snow all around us, so don’t be surprised if you get that irresistible urge to have a go at bob-sledding too! 


Are you looking for a different way to spend a fun afternoon together? Then, why not try a ride on a troika, a traditional horse-drawn sled! Your kids will be over the moon at the idea of climbing aboard the sled, guaranteed to make them feel like characters in a fairy tale for a day! Snuggle up under the woollen blankets and visit the quirky corners of the Primiero villages or explore the unspoilt spaces in the Natural Park, gliding through the silence of the snowy woods. You will be accompanied on your journey by the amazing Pale di San Martino mountain range, ready-made for a fairy tale backdrop!


A pleasant stroll in the majestic Paneveggio forest among the centuries-old red spruce trees, chosen by Stradivarius for his precious violins, will be the perfect opportunity to observe the tracks and footprints left by the cute animals that live in the forest. The walk is made even more of an adventure by the hanging bridge over the Travignolo torrent, not to mention a close encounter with the magnificent deer that roam the area! What more is there to say? Your kids will be lost for words!


Whoever said that exhibitions and museums were for adults only? A visit to Mezzano, voted one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, will turn into a fun-filled treasure hunt! The giant corncob, the accordion, the old forest…do you want to bet on whether your kids can track down all the wood stacks hidden in the narrow streets of the old town? Goodness knows how many questions they’ll ask! But don’t worry: if you are lucky enough to find the famous red chair, the people of Mezzano will help you answer (almost) all their “whys?”